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  • Clearly the renters didn’t care that someone was coming by to take photos!

    What weirds me out more is the chicken wire covering the balcony.

  • Maybe they have a bird.

  • The only differnece between a collector and hoarder is that you can usually see some of the floor in a collector’s house.

  • With all the stuffed animals and the chain link covered escape path–or balcony, I just assumed someone was on a psych hold.

  • Come on, Swamplot – you can come up with a more clever headline that that! Why not “Animal Magnetism” or “Not too stuffed to move”. I’ll expect better in the future…

  • It puts the lotion in the basket.

  • I wonder if real estate agents get a little creeped out walking through houses like this. His next house probably had porcelain dolls lining the shelves.

  • Man, I wish I was in the market! I’ve always wanted to own a Montrose-area duplex. Live in one unit, rent out the other. Not a bad price, either.

  • I agree with Number 5. I have come to expect top quality headlines on Houston Home Listing of the Day.

  • The wire is to keep the cat from escaping.

  • The stuffed animals are eager to get out of their wire enclosed 2 story cage. This property probably will be new crappy construction Townhouses.The decades old housing stock is going to seriously depleted in about 5 years. The citizens / taxpayers / voters need to demand a moratorium on further new construction. The greedy developers & their politicians are ruining the city.

  • Actually, this is our home you are looking at. We are the owners, not the renters. Property in Montrose has greatly increased in value and cost. We have been very comfortable here almost 30 years. We are now selling our home to take advantage of the DOMA equal rights ruling and to move to somewhere much, much nicer than houston and texas.The balcony is fenced in because we have cats and one fell off before we installed it. Oh, and this is just part of our plush animal collection.You should be so lucky !