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    Really, you didn’t check it for typos when listing something for $2.27m?

  • Er, that’s the acreage, $5.75m.

  • I am going to get crazy rich inventing a “snap n fit” system of high-end residential construction that allows home owners to easily install and remove all their goofy custom design features from these monster houses. Custom built columns, moldings, floors, kitchen/bath fixtures, etc. would be able to be installed and removed by snapping into place on universal fasteners. That way, when the uber rich relocate, they can just unsnap their custom made NY skyline glass shower enclosure and snap it back into their new home instead of having the new owner take a sledge hammer to it.

  • Why do homeowners make such personal modifications to their homes? This UBER-custom stuff just makes it harder to unload if the property goes up for sale because not everyone is stricken with horrendous taste.

  • I think the owners of obviously new-money custom homes know that it’s best to live (and spend) in the now, before the SEC catches up to them and resale values become the taxpayers’ problem. I’m generalizing, of course, but I like the picture it paints in my head.

  • “Pictures are for refference only and do not reflect the conditions of the property.”

    I wonder what the condition of the property really IS? When were these photos taken then?

  • At $70k per year in taxes, I doubt the damns the sellers don’t give about the cost of a remodel would fit in the four car air conditioned garage.

  • start your day like godzilla.

  • Has anyone else observed that the Twin Towers are on the shower glass? In twelve years, have they not realized how tasteless that is?

  • Says it’s listed at lot value. Guess that’s why there are no current photos.