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  • Realtor still using pics from a crappy 4mp camera is just dumb. Decent cameras are so cheap today compared to 5 to 7 yrs ago I could get a nice used SX230HS that shoots great pics and good 1080p videos even in low light video is decent

  • Brian,

    Where do you get 4mp from? The actual files are around 0.13mp, but the images appear to have even less usable data than that, probably well under 0.1mp. Most likely the photos were taken with a modern camera but then resampled by some cheap photo uploading service.

  • Second time for this property. The first go-round featured the reclining banana.

  • I remember this place being on the market last year when we bought in this neighborhood. I think Swamplot even had a similar article back then talking about the green carpet.

  • Owned by people who couldn’t make up their minds at the paint counter. “Just give me 1 can of everything”.

  • “and that’s not all…a baseball field for the kiddos!”

  • Seems like a reasonable price, how many times has it flooded?

  • Pictures don’t sell homes. People don’t buy sight unseen. At best, high quality photos will give you a few more showings (by people who were enticed by the photos, thus not likely your buyer)
    List a property in Montrose, and take 6 photos of various homeless people, old-man armpits, and urinals, and it’ll still sell in a day.

  • @Cody You might not buy a house without visiting in person, but good photos can definitely predispose a buyer to like the house, and bad photos can take the house off of the viewing list altogether.