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  • This was one of the first few homes to be built in Electra. In real life it doesn’t have very good curb appeal because of the street approach and the exterior color somehow blurs the angles. The upstairs was a complete afterthought, I think they ended up with very high attic so they decided to wall in some space up there.

  • I can’t even afford the $40,000 golf membership.

  • I’d love to a little waterfall over my pool. But, alas, no pool in our backyard.

  • What is with the walls in this house? They seem to have some sort of texture.

  • Oooh, fancy. Is that a John Singer Sargent in the master sitting room?

  • The way to Eloquence is paved with money, y’all.

  • I love how Mom couldn’t be arsed to toush up her roots for the painting.

  • “Toush”? Of course I meant “touch”. I knew this Columbian coffee was trouble….

  • the street name alone kills me.

  • I believe that when they names the street, they were aiming for “Klassy.”

  • Nothing says bright shiny new money like
    “Eloquence Way in The Enclave of Electra”

  • I’m sure that the high point of all social gatherings in Electra is explaining why the neighborhood was named after a Greek mythological figure who symbolizes a young woman’s sexual attachment to her father.

    Presumably the community of Agammemnon up the street has erected a large wall to keep the Electrans out.

  • Wait wait … I know this one … LAS VEGAS!

    I was wondering when you were going to bring back Weekly Guessing Game.

  • From Claire de Lune:

    I so miss the guessing game, bring it back.

  • Not my style overall, but I think the Dripping Arch is actually pretty cool. House is actually quite pretty.

  • Another HUGE vote for bringing back the Neighborhood Guessing Game!! Is anybody listening?

    *Back to post at hand* I find it interesting that the RE agent listing this home has about $29 million in listings in The Woodlands.

  • This home is scary. Kind of screams “You! You must have ALL THE FUN at all times. Commence with the fun! Now dammit.”

    It’s judging me. It knows I haven’t played billiards or watched a movie in a whirlpool bath in ages.

  • CuriousMinds, the RE agent, Aaron Harris, is Rocky DelPapa’s right hand man/lap dog. Together they are quite a big player in the Woodlands by using high pressure and “political” tactics in obtaining expensive listings. Don’t get me wrong, they close a lot of sales, but there’s a lot of conflict of interest stuff going on in the background.

  • Anybody else want to start a group called Faux Fighters?