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  • I flipped through every last photo hoping to see an O’Keefe. I am disappointed.

  • Very cute house. Too bad it will probably be on the demo list within days after being sold to a developer.

  • Hopefully this one isn’t doomed.
    Paint would make a huge transformation (I’d paint the trim) as would lighting. You could easily update the kitchen by painting the cabinetry, adding new hardware, lighting and appliances. Hardwoods are beautiful

  • Please, please, please don’t let this be another demo on Woodhead.

  • Great looking house. The photo is startling, though.

  • I grew up about 2 blocks down from here on Woodhead, my Mother still lives in the house, and when she is gone, my brother and I will make sure the house is still standing and in our family for decades to come, so go ahead and tear down what you own, we will continue to value our history…

  • @Texmex01 “..in our family for decades to come..” Until your kid sells it to be torn down so he can build his wife that big house in Katy she has always wanted…