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  • Wow, another amazing tax rate. I am living in the wrong county!!!

  • “At last the cars had found a nice neighborhood to live in, free of human infestation.”

  • Thank goodness the maintenance fee is only $1000 annually, otherwise a lot of people would pass on this one.

  • Without opening the link I assumed this was the parking bay for condos or townhouses. I was about to marvel that whomever developed this property put some swanking doors on them there garages. Then I opened the link. This is not a conglomerate of townhouses. No. This is a home. For one family. One family with twenty cars.

    Where did I go wrong in my life. I have a one car garage, built over the city’s sewer easement, with an entrance so low and narrow that only a wheel barrow can be parked within it.

  • well another blind decorator strikes again…

  • Check out that mancave. I’ve never seen so much lick and stick brick in one place at one time.

  • Ya know, really, those garages would only hold maybe 10 Hummers.

  • This home is more evidence supporting my belief that throwing money at something does not ensure it will be tasteful. A corrolary is that us poor folks can live in style.

  • Oops meant “we poor folks” – as you can tell, I didn’t get a private school education.

  • It must be very tough to write the descriptive verbage for these places! Even with a great command of English. Actually, I think the pictures can just speak for themselves.

    “Man-cave …designed with a Spanish 1700s feel.” Yeah, I really like to reminisce about the good old 1700’s – sans rats of course.

    “Two garages … could easily be converted into … a family compound.” Muammar Gaddafi, are you seeing this!??

    “Classic study has … Strategic view of backyard.” Hosni? Hosni Mubarak?

    Now to bashing the inferior desecrater:
    All the trouble and expense of elaborate ceilings and still the rectangular, off-white plastic air-supply grilles? Really?

  • Why all the HDR photos? Makes it look even worse.

  • @Jason I’ve noticed this a lot lately too, it’s terrible!

  • I think HDR photos look awesome.

  • @Cody I like HDR in general, but not for house listings.

  • A little pricey for what is essentialy west Mission Bend and in Lamar Consolidated to boot.