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  • I’m sure to be subjected to a snark attack, but I think the inside is pretty handsome. The corbelled entry with the flanking Will Fleming hollies is a nice touch. The outdoor area is a bit pathetic admittedly, if that’s all of it.

  • Woohoo! Party on.

  • The furnishings kinda scream “bachelor pad”. I agree with Gisgo that the exterior brickwork is rather nice.

  • The name of the complex is strange, “Polk Avenue Gardens”, as all plant life appears to have been anihilated. Those little dog run backyards do have a lot of potential though to be transformed into mini-oases.

  • Typical crappy “new/newer/recent” construction. The future SLUMS of Houston. 99.9% of construction from the mid/late 1990’s to the present is cheap,low quality,cookie cutter CRAP. It’s slathered in cruddy stucco(which cracks,discolors,shows mildew/mold and the wire mesh that underlies the stucco blocks Wi-Fi signals!)The patio of this TH is Sad,dreary,depressing and DEAD. No life except for that puny “plant” by the back fence.The owner is a man (per HCAD )and probably decided NOT to stage his abode. Sellers need to hire a stager(about 1% of the sale price)which gets their property sold QUICKER and for MORE $$$$. But let them learn be cheap, stingy tight wads and learn the hard way !!!!

  • Re: The realtors overly optimistic description of this generic TH: well landscaped grounds,blah blah,blah.Close to “everything”. NO it isn’t. It’s in an up & coming area great for realtors marketing & their commissions.Not great for buyers.There are very few amenities to serve the occupants. Example:there are NO grocery stores nearby,save for the STICKY Kroger further down Polk. Where the employees transfer to OTHER stores!!There is hardly any greenery among the concrete.And the brick facade gives way to cruddy cement board siding on the sides & back. More half-ass,low quality construction & building materials!!! It is living in an ISOLATED ,cheap/generic gulag of concrete, stucco and cement board!! NO Thank You. I feel for the owners trying to bail.But they ALLOWED themselves to get snowed by pushy realtors. Who are a dime a dozen!!!

  • Patrick is very angry about this house. And probably just very angry in general. It’s a nice townhouse.

  • HaHa …. Thanks for the laugh Patrick. That was a great way to start my day. Very entertaining. Who would have thought that a simple …. VERY simple “backyard” photo could ilicit such a passionate response. I will definitely look for “Patrick” when I am browsing the comments on Swamplot and am in need of a chuckle.

  • Wow, a lot of anger for a simple townhome listing.

  • Patrick must have missed his morning dose of Prozac. Interestingly this townhome is mostly brick and hardiplank (which is concrete). He speaks of stucco as if it enslaved his ancestors and killed his first born.

  • Patrick does seem a bit over-dramatic, but I agree with him on that “close to everything” comment.

    That side of downtown needs more infrastructure before it will really become desirable.

  • “Shows like new.”

    I would hope so, since it was built in 2009.

  • that’s not hardi… it’s stucco…

  • The back and sides are Hardi, the front is Mainly brick, with a bit of stucco over the top window.

  • aquatrax / commoonsense –

    I can confirm there is no stucco on these units…..all hardi and brick on the outside.