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  • All the drawers in that island seem to be physical impossibilities. But there is some damned good photography in the HAR listing.

  • nice place… but why soo much wallpaper?

  • Note to self: remember to nominate kitchen islands for next year’s design cliche of the year.

  • So now we have fake drawers to contend with…as if lick and stick stone, oversized columns, and MDF trim are not enough.

    Also, as long as the drawer does not open, that passes electrical code (in theory). God it looks ugly and stupid, though.

  • use of deceptive myspace angles? Check.
    use pf HDR to pop the color and enhance pictures? Check.
    If there is a power plug obviously slapped on to the cabinet drawer in the above photo, I shudder to think what deviltry lies inside the walls. Asbestos and nob’n’tube, plus a boatload of non-permitted improvements? Also, isn’t the idea of a listing to make your joint more appealing to the masses? All I see is one family/ person’s terrible taste in wallpaper and oversized furniture. Surely the realtor told them it won’t show well crammed full like that while other rooms are essentially empty. just wut.

  • Obviously this drawer is blocked by the rangetop. Better idea for next time: Hinge the opening so that it opens downward 90 degrees, finish out the shallow opening, then install the electrical outlet there.

    Presto! A spot for charging phones that is hidden, and doesn’t have cords running all over the countertop!

  • 2 dishwashers! be still my heart!

  • False drawer fronts are used all the time in cabinetmaking to fill up empty space for decorative and balance purposes, but they weren’t supposed to put drawer pulls on them.

  • This is the result of building codes. The City of Houston requires outlets on an island, wanted or not. I would guess that it was built and ready to go when the city inspector dropped a little surprise on the builder. I guess he decided making it look good was too much work.

  • Kosher kitchen perhaps?

  • The wallpaper is typical of so-called Victorian style homes.

  • Chester: In a place we redid, we changed teh size of the sole cabinet that was between a stove and the wall from 12″ to 15″. We failed inspection because any piece of cabinet over 12″ must have an outlet. So we had to pull a new electrical permit and run a new line.
    (I might be off on the sizes, it was a few years ago)
    That was fun stuff!

  • @ MotherHydra- the home was built in 2002. Just where do you think the Builder went to get knob’n’tube and asbestos?

  • I could forgive the wallpaper because even if I might not like the particular wallpaper, it doesn’t look wrong for the house. However, that’s not an allowance one can make for the unfortunate tile choices in the bathrooms.

    As for the offending power outlet: surely there’s something wrong with having one a child could easily fit a finger behind.