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  • Goodness. Wouldnt someone want to do a little cleaning before taking pictures??? wow

  • According to HCAD the land value of this lot is about $50K. With a flat roof and a trashed interior, why would anyone pay more than that for this property? I’d subtract the cost of demo and go in with a $35K offer. The owner must have died or gone to prison.

  • At last a house that tells an authentic story.

  • At least remove the liquor bottles, for heaven’s sake. Though they do explain at lot….

  • Bulldozer on request?

  • Foreclosure, makes sense.

  • Bulldozer definitely needed for that chimney that’s giving the world a 1-finger salute.

  • The story pic is actually one of the better pictures. This isn’t a homeowner trying to stage their property for sale. It’s an as-is forclosure so there is no marketing needed to get someone to buy other than price.
    The agent looks like pure sexy ladies man

  • Wow! Who the hell thought it was a good idea to take interior shots? Well, at least the realtor is being truthful about the state of the property. Pyewacket beat me to it, if this is not a foreclosure, then someone just decided to use it as a squat.

  • I will disagree that this is a teardown, this is a great example of a timeperiod in houston’s history that needs to be preserved. I’ve contacted city council to make this a historic landmark.

  • Concrete mix down the toilet!

  • At least the roof looks in good shape … except for that one lone shingle that’s trying to flee for it’s life!

  • I actually looked at this place when I was house-hunting 10 years ago. It wasn’t exactly neat, then, but certainly wasn’t this trashed. As I recall, the owner was going through a divorce, at the time, and wouldn’t let the home be shown without being present. The floorplan was oddly laid out, too. Now I’m going to have to see if I kept the flyer…

  • Same listing agent as the stripper pole townhouse: http://swamplot.com/houston-home-listing-photo-of-the-day-bedroom-practice/2012-12-12/
    Dude gets around.

  • Yes, and his name is Sweat…Michael Sweat. Ladies, pay attention: he must be the Barry White of realtors.