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  • Can you say FLOOD?

  • The agent couldn’t be bothered with proof reading. Not a good sign.

  • I grew up in this neighborhood. The county needs to buy out all of its residents, then raze the houses and turn it into a retention pond or field of prairie grass. All of the development in Katy and Cypress has made the subdivisions along Highway 6 incredibly vulnerable to flooding, and dozens of houses in Bear Creek have flooded multiple times since 2002. My parents’ house flooded in 2002 after a heavy rainstorm that was no different than typical Houston downpours. Fortunately, they had purchased flood insurance in the aftermath of Allison (which, incredibly, did not flood Bear Creek), so they were able to fix it up quickly, put it on the market, and moved to higher ground. They knew something had changed with the landscape. I’m sad about what has become of my old neighborhood. It was a great place to grow up. It’s become a casualty of unrestrained development.