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  • 1. That trompe l’oeil bathroom floor is quirky but strangely appealing to me.
    2. I guess, if you’re dropping $2.875 million on this place, the annual $8,000 maintenance fee isn’t so bad. But, I think I’d wince at writing out that annual $8,000 check.
    3. I like the street address but it may be a pain to have to verbally tell over the phone since you’d have to spell “Paix” for those unfamiliar with French. Plus, those two last words sound like the faux Chinese restaruant: “Pei Wei”. On the bright side, all of the words are short versus a mythical “1232 Boulevard de Gastronomique Camembert”. (Try spelling that to a customer service agent.)

  • Looking at that house the only thing i can say is “many choices were made here”

  • Rue de la Bleh!