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  • Is the pictured room even within code requirements? It looks to me like “found” space that should have remained “lost” space.

  • Random: It may not be ‘code’ as far as living space and thus not on the tax records as far as property square footage, but it’s not the goverments business if you want to take some space with a small or odd shaped ceilling and put a desk in there.
    At least not yet.
    I’ve ‘finished out’ unfinished space at a few of my places. I can’t advertise their additional square footage but it doesn’t mean a new buyer (or myself, a current owner) can’t “use” it.

  • Isn’t that where the scullery maid sleeps???

  • if that far chair was a toilet this would be the perfect home office!

  • I would like to see someone try to sit on the bench.

  • Maybe it’s Igor’s office…he’s all hunched over anyway. Regardless, I don’t think it’s worthy of pictoral representation.

  • This reminds me of the upper room at the Edgar Allen Poe House and Museum in Baltimore.

  • Is that a wallpaper border along the back slanted wall? You can’t say they didn’t try to make it homey. And that bench looks like a coffee table to me.

  • Code requirement? Wow! Quick, call the city, they need some more work to fill the time and you’ll feel so much better knowing you are part of the solution. Our country just flat doesn’t have enough government types walking into people’s homes.

  • Right, the “room at the top” is not photo-worthy.
    ONE person can sidle into that room, with back bent in submission.
    The chair beyond cannot be sat in.
    Take a stretch while doing your taxes at that desk and you’ll take the skin off your knuckles.

    In a perfect world, it whould have a sky-light and have been staged with baby blanket, stuffed animals & toys.

  • There’s a shot of the “study/library” carved out of the weird leftover space the sloped roofline affords, but not a shot of the “study” which is what the actual 15×15 extra room is used for?

  • mek ju’s comment reminds me of a home that friends (all male) rented in West U during college. There was a toilet where the bench sits here, and using it was like playing limbo for them.