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  • When we go home to visit my folks, we stay in a similar room (only guest room with a full-sized bed, everything else is twins). Except it’s way worse than this. The same floral print (think mostly white with some flowers every so often) is on the bedspread, the drapes and the wallpaper. But it’s a small room built into some eaves. And the ceiling has the same wallpaper too. After two beers I can’t tell where the wall ends, where the ceiling begins, how far away the wall is, where the bed starts and the wall stops. Pretty sure the CIA could get some good information from spies if they ever stayed over at my folks.

  • Nothing like an upside down photo to give perspective……but hey, that’s a whole lotta custom something going on. Guess that’s what she meant by needing TLC.

  • I’m not sure I comprehend this thing

  • :'( Terrible.

  • Why is there a man lurking around in the shadows of the carport?

  • It looks like something from a Wes Anderson movie.

  • Someone already painted over the wallpaper in the”green room”

  • Older folks LOVE wallpaper.

  • 1.1 million dollars for a moderately sized house on an undersized lot that needs desperate renovation.

    Am I missing something?

  • That was pretty posh back in its day…

  • I think the guy in the carport is scoping out the Lexus. It was probably missing shortly after the photos were taken. ;)