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  • Picture #17, even the bathroom cabinets are surprised by the price tag.

  • That’s sad.

  • I’m vaguely reminded of the Maxell commercial from the ’80s minus the American psycho bro and a wineglass.

  • They must have removed the box of tissues when they staged that photo.

  • anyone else remember that movie ‘Sliver’?

  • If you have a decent audio system, the chair has to in juuuuust the right place and at juuuust right height. Uh, but that doesn’t seem to apply here.

  • either “eww” or “aww”
    Either way: lonely guy

  • That room is an acoustical turd, but it fits with the overall turdish-ness of the whole property.

    Calling Park Street “Upper Kirby” is also quite a stretch of the imagination.

    As I recall from my raucous decades on Park Street, it is part of the Park Civic Association.

    And the 700k price tag proves what kind of idiots are now moving into the neighborhood.

  • Did anyone notice the dining table that seats 10, yet only one seat in the home theater? Weird.

  • Hey! It’s got its own elevator shaft over there in Upper Upper Deep East Upper Kirby.