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  • AKA Thebathtubthatnoonewilluseandwehavenoideawhycomeonitslovelywespentsomuchmoney

  • And the deluxe dual-flush toilet is located on the 3rd floor terrace, with a spectacular view of the Montrose area.

  • Using the word “bespoke” is a nice way of throwing some shade at the “original owners” without out-and-out saying they chose a floor plan that negatively impacts resell. Walls are your friends.

  • High dollar price tag but low dollar Ikea bedroom furniture! I know because I have the same but my house is not $825K!!

  • Luz, you are totally incorrect. I know the owners of the house personally, and those are certainly NOT Ikea bedroom furnishings. This house is a beautiful, one of a kind home … built with quality, and deserving of a new owner who truly appreciates its design (which obviously isn’t for everyone).

  • Yeah, i don’t know which bedroom you are looking at, but I don’t see anything Ikea there. I do see a lot of midcentury classics which Ikea has copied over the years.

    Cool place, but certainly not one for kids if you value privacy!

  • I would like a few more walls…but I love this place!
    Especially the exposed floor joists – warm, textural, cozy.
    Not easy to do. The wood has to be clean and straight, the nailing SO neat…

  • All the beds and dressers I see are IKEA Malm (the dressers are the ones being recalled for tipping over, no less). Looks just like my IKEA Malm bed and dressers.

    But otherwise, it’s a nice house.