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  • It’s no wonder they don’t show the street view. The house looks very odd and belies it’s 1930 origins.

  • @Colleen – Agreed. Perhaps they were still working on it when the Google car went by, but still, they should have something in the listing if it weren’t just bare stucco, peculiarly small windows and no landscaping at all.

  • Reminds me of an M.C. Escher print.

  • That is a really poor decision on the part of the listing agent to not mention or otherwise address any issues related to the exterior of the home. Anyone interested is going to immediately do a street view of the house to see what it looks like, and it sure as hell isn’t pretty: http://goo.gl/maps/TgQ0C

    If the front of the house and landscaping is being improved, a mid-construction picture is probably better than what Street View has to offer.

  • I never look at a house without checking the street view. HAR even has a map it feature right there on the listing page for my convenience.

    If they included that truck in the street view that would counterbalance any problems I had with the curb appeal.

  • R.e. the google street view of that home, if you look around to the side, you can clearly see a large construction dumpster to the side. The home wasn’t finished when the google car drove by.

    Love that red truck parked in front. What type of truck is that?

  • Check out the streetview on http://www.here.com
    The stucco over the front porch arch looks kind of “rumpled.” The place definitely needs some serious help in the Curb Appeal department. Some wooden functioning shutters would help.

  • @August: It’s a 1955 Ford F-100.

  • I suppose a so-to-be-dated remuddle might be better than something more original that the average person’s lifestyle couldn’t conform to. This way it might survive the eventuall assault waves of McMansions over there. Is the minimalist interior to help one maintain equipoise amid rising flood waters?