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  • Louis XIV meets suburban American tract housing. I’m gonna have nightmares tonight.

  • This decorating is garish and over the top. You cannot focus on one thing because every thing is competing for attention. The chairs appear to be too big for the table and the room. If you have a nice income, hire a professional Interior Designer because your sense of design is scary. This is tract housing, not some castle in Europe.

  • Is that a TV projector in the garage/dining room?

  • Yes, everyone get back in your place. No more having fun aping the rich from a tract home!

  • What sorcery is going on in the master bedroom with those TVs? They are clearly crooked on the wall, but straight in the mirror? My head just exploded.

  • Décor by the current occupant of the White House.

  • M: lol, if you notice, the TV in the mirror is the TV by the lame that — while crooked — isn’t that bad.
    Darby: Actually when I saw the presidential paintings I instantly thought of Obama. Have you seen those abominations? Then again he picked an artist known for painting people holding decapitated heads.

  • Baroque AND rococo.

  • Money itself cannot ensure class …. demonstrated both in this article and in the White House

  • Well, they’re happy with being themselves which gains a bit of respect in my book. A person with class strives to make others comfortable in their presence. Trying to seem as though you guys are experts in class tells me something entirely different about yourselves.

  • Darby and WR, you so clever by bringing in Trump. Look at you! You should be on late night comedy tv!

  • Victor: I was going to say the same thing. I’m no trump fan, and didn’t vote for him, but the CONSTANT bashing is getting to be eye roll levels. The late night “comic” group think is downright cringy.

  • I voted for Trump. I could do without the religious stuff -having been dragged to Catholic Church for 18 years but the pendulum went beyond far left and into destroying our republic. I could see Venezuela for my kids future under Hillary. I might be the first to say that here. I’ll take cover now.