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  • Being a construction contractor must be a great job – you never have to live with your mistakes, just everyone else does.

  • My question is how in the world does the framing of that staircase support the minimum live and dead loads for a safe staircase? There is a reason stringers are cut, spaced and anchored in a certain mandated way. It gives the stairs structural support, especially when your 300 lbs brother-in-law is helping you move and you and he carry a 200 lbs washing machine up those stairs. The top section here anchors onto a partially floating landing. No way it passed a modern code inspection. Listing says it was built in 1935, so that type of arrangement would have been okay back then. I guess if it’s lasted this long it’s not going anywhere.

  • Likely when that cottage was built in the 1930s, that upstairs space was merely an attic, accessed by pull-down wooden stairs.