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  • I’m not sure what I’m seeing there on the left. Is that a spotlight?!?

    I guess someone thinks pretty highly of themselves to point a spotlight towards the middle of bed like that. Not to mention the tower imagery.

  • I like the colors, this HAS to be the room of a gay man.

  • Looks like all the decorations came from Restoration “Hard”ware.

  • Perfect place for your next porno shoot.

  • Looks like an old school waterbed

  • The BEST thing about this whole place is the listed owner: BOSS HOGG OUTLAW MANAGEMENT LLC.

    On another note, I wish people did a better job of hiding power cords, coaxial cables, etc. Maybe I’m too picky, but I think it’s so distracting and takes away from the appearance of a home.

  • I would not want an unconcealed substation to be the first thing I see when I leave home each morning.

  • Ha!! This is Slim Thug’s house. Check out his MTV Award sitting in the living room.

    “My crib 3 stories, stairs got a n***a tired”

    Too funny. Dude has good taste.

  • This is Slim Thugs house. No joke. And that’s not even the master…

  • May not be the same “boss hogg” but from Wikipedia:

    The Boss Hogg Outlawz are a hip hop collective from Houston, Texas formed and led by Slim Thug. The collective originally included L.E.$., Young Von, C. Ward, J-Dawg, Killa Kyleon, Sir Daily, Lil Ray, Young Black, Dre Day and PJ.
    The group got its start with in 2001 when Slim Thug and E.S.G. released a collaboration album, Boss Hogg Outlaws. In 2004, Slim assembled a group of Houston rappers and released the first Boss Hogg Outlawz album Boyz-n-Blue. In 2006, the group signed a deal with Koch Records (now E1 Music) and released a second album entitled Serve & Collect in 2007. The following year saw the release of Back by Blockular Demand: Serve & Collect II. The group returned in 2011 with a third Serve & Collect album though both C. Ward and Killa Kyleon had left the group and did not appear on the album.


  • You have to look at the other bedroom. Nothing says “exploring the sensual arts” like the taxidermied head of a snarling boar.