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  • That wallpaper! I’d have guessed it was from the 70’s not 2008. I rather like it, though; bunnies are adorable and non-threatening.
    When I was 15 and we moved cities, my new bedroom had very similar vinyl paper – but FACES, each about 2-1/2″, in B&W with silvery hilites, just like this! There were hats, sunglasses, facial hair, ponytails, smiles, straight-line-mouths… almost like Where’s Waldo. It was weird, especially for a bedroom. I took it down and painted the walls yellow, but the paper remained in the clothes closet. Maybe forever.
    I hadn’t remembered this in nearly 40 years!

  • Hunt Slonem fanatics, I assume.

  • I need to watch Watership Down tonight

  • the rabbits are coming hooray hooray: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6l3tlDuGXQ

  • Fantastic.