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  • Cute original 70s house. Fish tank gazing was popular back then.

  • Yikes. Between the faux paneling, the maroon/burgundy/purple carpet, the foil wallpaper(?), and everything else, it’s a trip back to 1971!!! The whole house is begging for a complete gut job. And clean the pool: the chlorine gods demand it!!!

  • In the 50s our neighbors had an aquarium like that, without the frame. They also had a sunken living room, I guess for emergency aquarium breakage. They were so cool.

  • *ahem* 3000 sf for less than $195k might make that worth it to somebody, Patrick.

    Apparently the commenting system doesn’t like “less than” symbols.

  • We lived in this neighborhood for many years while I was in school. Seeing that fireplace brought back memories. So many of my friends had the same one in their house. I was envious because we didn’t have one. Now I know what a pain wood burning ones are. I guess my dad was smarter than I have him credit for.

  • Sorry, “gave him credit for.” That fat finger gets me every time.

  • Wood burning fireplaces are a pain? in what way?

    I use mine all the time in the winter and have yet to experience any pain.

  • Cleaning them.