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  • I’m floored. A 1.2 million dollar townhome?

    You too can enjoy the luxury of sharing a wall with your neighbor while having windows that look out to your other neighbors parking garage, for 3 easy payments of $399,999. Buy today and we’ll throw in this atrium art fountain at no charge. Act now.

  • @el Duderino,
    That’s 400K for the dirt, 400K for the townhome, and 400K for the 77019 ZIP code and the ability to say you live “in the River Oaks area”.

  • It’s been off an on the market for years. Obviously over priced.

  • yeah, i guess it makes sense if you think about, but there is no way I would pay over 1 million for one of those narrow half lots! If i am paying over a million i better have at least 1 full lot maybe two, even inside the loop! Either that or be on the 30+ floor of a condo.