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  • OK. What’s with the garage doors opening to a greenspace instead of say, uh, a driveway? Is there a secret back entrance or a garage opening on the other side of the building? That’s just weird.

  • Wilf, I guess because in Montrose you alway enter from the rear! *rimshot*

  • Nothing like the Texas Institutional red brick exterior with the faux Opera House header. Add some bars to the windows and you could have a perfect Huntsville Walls Metropolitan Theatre.

    This week featuring “The Count of Monte Cristo” starring 1355248, 325987, 385741, and returning from a tour of the institutions of Europe…741158.

  • ^funny, funny comments.
    Great way to start lunch.

  • You have to look at the enlarged photo on HAR – it is pavers with some sort of grass/ground cover growing between the bricks. Looks nice, actually. Better than the usual patch of shared concrete in these complexes.

  • Ah, yes GardenOaksian, at 200% I can see the little grid pattern. Thanks! Glad I don’t live here ‘cuz I’d be too tempted to do doughnuts on my neighbor’s driveway. I’m mean that way.

  • Looks like somewhere Onslow and the East Ender gang would move after wining the national lottery.

  • Why is commonsense allowed to spew his homophobic spew here? Seriously….if he were any further in the closet he’d be reeking of moth balls. Sickening.

  • LOL, homophobia denotes fear of something… What’s there to fear? That they will redecorate my house?

    Fanny Bandits always say someone is gay if they are anti-gay, that means they call their enemy the worst insult they can come up with…. Themselves!!! Haha, talk about self-hate!

  • Fanny bandits?!

    Commonsense, shouldn’t you be in class?

  • Just trying to keep Swamplot PG-13 and in good humor. Trust me the other words I wanted to use would make your ears bleed.

  • I always chuckle at those “Enter in the Rear” / “Parking in the Rear” signs.
    I’m not homophobic.