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  • Are kitchens now worth 400k? The price seemed a bit high, and HAR is showing that almost everything nearby that has sold was about 50-60% of the ask on this. Some are smaller, but most on similar lot sizes, and even similar house+lot sizes but without redone kitchens are topping out at about 700k.
    Perhaps the listing is supposed to lure in a buyer through just photos of the kitchen. I know I could be temped by a less than complete listing…but not at the top pricing of the market.

  • I agree about having only pictures of the exterior and kitchen. If I was looking at this listing online, I would be suspicious that the rest of the house needs major renovations.

    Other thoughts: 1. That photo of the “under mount” switch and outlet. It looks odd. 2. The vegetable sink is described as a detail that was not “overturned”. I think overlooked is the term that should have been used. Do these agents not have a colleague give their listings a quick review to catch mistakes?

  • J-squared, most I’ve met are alcoholic name droppers

  • @j – Nailed it! Everyone thinks they are a realtor these days.

  • What are the owners /realtor NOT showing?

  • Bad photography. The owner/realtor probably took the photos. Hire a PROFESSIONAL photographer. And too much marble …