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  • Uh, I’m still waiting.

  • If you like a little privacy in the back yard, this home is not for you. One lonely Shumard oak won’t do it. I recommend a screen of clumping bamboo; Alphonse Kerr would serve nicely, reaching 40 ft in maybe 5 yrs, and producing attractive bright yellow corms.

  • I hope that dog’s name is Waldo. I see him in 5 different photos of that listing. In one, he’s joined by a lab(ish) looking friend.

  • Does the dog come with the house?

  • When’s the next party? They seem to be well stocked in adult beverages.

  • Nope, I say tear the stockade fences down and get to know the neighbors. I don’t know what it is about Texas and that breeds this idea that we need to be walled off from the neighbors. I’ve lived all over this country and this isolationist mentality seems to exist only here.

  • ‘Good fences make good neighbors’- Frost

  • I hate to be “one of those people” but my golly, LAY OFF THE HDR! HDR is a great tool when ‘needed’ (i.e., bright light source that washes out lighting where you want) but the ALL HDR ALL THE TIME used by agents is getting old.

  • @Bubba – I threw up the highest fence I could immediately after my new next door neighbor revealed herself to be the bitch of the century. It’s still not high enough, in my opinion.