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  • That pic.
    I LOVE direct-set, butt glass; it looks great in all kinds of applications and arch. styles…
    The heavy concrete balustrade just lopped off is comical, however.

  • Yay creepy CGI furniture. Guess 30k commission isn’t enough to get it staged.

  • Gapa: Interesting. I wouldn’t have caught that it was CGI at first look but since you mention it…

  • Help me out @Cody and other real estate professionals. Why is stucco so popular here when it’s so unsuited to our climate? I see a lot of not so old stucco houses with moldy looking surfaces. And they show every little crack from the ground settlement.

  • J-Squared: I have no idea. I live in a stucco house but 1000’s of miles away (San Diego). I don’t own any stucco property in Houston. And for any properties where I’ve changed the siding, it hasn’t been to stucco.
    My guess is people think the looks outweigh the negative functional properties?

  • @Cody, but it’s ugly, too!