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  • Nice to see what the love shack of Norman Norell and Milburn Clydesdale would look like. Pretty cool house but somebody should have set some limits on the cat carpeting. Well, unless they personally killed the cats. Then that’s just being resourceful.

  • The furrrst bedroom makes it work, the rest of the house, not so much.

  • I would hate to have to navigate that staircase with a hangover.

  • Vinyl in the kitchen? All that opulence and they put vinyl flooring down? You can call it a “chef’s floor” or “commercial grade” all day long, but it’s still vinyl and still screams CHEAP. The outside is ugly as hell, but the inside is quite nice and tasteful (carpeting aside).

  • man there are some real critics on here ..why not show your taste…if you have any…lol..I love the carpet!

  • they look closer to jaguar spots to me. Cheetahs have solid spots.

  • It certainly hides the dirt…

  • I’m thinking that the kitchen floor surely was available in other colors?

    Other than that, it’d look great out on 100+ acres a few counties to the west. It just begs for a large yard.

  • I’m sort of diggin’ the carpeting but it’s too bad they couldn’t spring for a few rugs downstairs – all that marble is just too severe. The interiors are sort of nice but lean toward the commercial hospitality look. Makes me wonder if interior furnishings were chosen by a hotel designer. Gorgeous pool area but it’s too bad the neighbor house has a full view of it, too.

  • I love that print on the stairs; a very nice juxtaposition.
    To Ms Brooke Smith: Exactly – no one vacuums the stairs regularly anyway!

  • It’s probably linoleum actually. I like it but I would have to agree that if you are trying to sell the place most people would have the same reaction you did.

  • This is our listing. You missed the tiger carpet in the library ;-) It’s all Stark wool carpet. Thank you!

  • I have Bengals, they’d be in kitty therapy, thinking they were next to be used as carpeting if I moved there.

  • WAIT!!! Did you see the tiger carpet in the library, wall to wall beasties baby!

  • What? No Antelope, Ocelot or Zebra?

  • Or a nice cougar rug…

  • The average cheetah probably has 12 square feet of fur, so assuming half the house is cheetah, 309 cheetahs were slaughtered for flooring.
    Seems reasonable.

  • Thankfully, the curtains do not match.