Houston Homes Sold Quickly in September; Where All the College Grads Are Moving

Knowledge Theater, Micro Center, 5305 S. Rice Ave. at Westpark, Houston

Photo inside the new Micro Center at S. Rice Ave. and Westpark: Swamplot inbox


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  • An epicenter is a point on the earth’s surface that is directly above the point where an earthquake initiates underground. Period. Epicenter is not a center, but the word sounds much more impressive.

  • What are you replying to? In terms of an esarthquake that is the definition. However, epicenter has another definition of “center” or “focal point” in other contexts.

  • Where are these “new college grads” because the only people who hit on me are old enough to be my dad or grandpa.

  • Why would you want on of these new college grads, they have grim job prospects, tens or even hundreds of thousands in school loan debts, and liberal indoctrination out of college which does not teach them how the real world works.

  • Please, keep on ranting about young graduates as we decide whether its worth our while to keep paying for your Social Security and Medicare. I’m voting for the ice floes.

  • @ commonsene. He or she probably wants one of these new college grads because their bodies are probably a little more more taut, their smile is a little less world weary and they probably like going out in that “filthy shithole” known as the Inner Loop as opposed to trying to make conversation with a jaded Piney Point conservative WASP or an overdramatic Southampton liberal WASP. Just sayin’………

  • I agree with common sense. The only thing college does nowadays is prepare you to take cat 5 dumps at Work.

  • Houston always had a high % of millennials, and now it appears many of them have graduated college.

  • I think that commonsense is hitting on coconutbutter (he’s old enough to be her grandpa)

  • For the official Swampy record, I’m 35 and lived all over the world to experience enough to see ideological BS and waste of time from a Kilometer away. Practicality and cold calculations is what runs the world.

  • A more interesting statistic would be how many of the 25-34 year olds stay in Houston through their 40s. I meet lots of fresh faced 20somethings from far and wide who come to Houston for the oil and gas industry. But, as one guy I know from San Fran put it, Houston is seen as an “exotic” assignment for them before they get to settle down in another location. Only anecdotes. But it would be very interesting to see whether all the newcomers are here to stay or whether Houston is just a career cruise ship for them.

  • commonsense, with numerous “comment of the days” underneath your belt, call me, baby!
    But seriously. Where are the 30 year olds in Houston?? (Maybe waiting for their first marriages to end in divorce?? Ha.)

  • JT–too funny. Hey maybe Coconutbutter is a guy, that also would be too funny. Honestly, I get hot on my young guys all the time, of course I’m ripped, hot, bronze, and have good conversation skills. I’m not sure what he/she is doing wrong, maybe stay away for table dating at Luby’s and stop crashing funerals, just a thought.

  • Before 2000 the oil and gas industry had no real reason to recruit. Most of the employees were in thier 40s. The age gap is very apparent now and there is very few 35 to 50 year olds in the business. I’m 30 with great job security, pay and a career path straight to the top if i keep my nose clean. Its a sprint to the top in almost every company. Unfortunately Coconutbutter I am still working on that 1st marriage.

  • MrClean, I’m glad you’re doing well, have a job you enjoy, and wish you a prosperous career. Honestly I do. But remember that one of the reasons that there’s such a generation gap within oil and gas companies is because the twenty-somethings that had “great job security and pay” in 1982 got laid off in 1986 when oil prices crashed and never re-entered the field. Very few of us are lucky enough to be able to correctly forecast the economy 10 or 20 years out.

  • Well, that escalated and de-escalated quickly.

  • Coconutbutter: anti-aging properties…

  • @commonsense. Probably another reason Coconutbutter prefers recent college grads if you know what I mean….

  • @shady – I’m kinda expecting the 7-8 year cycle to hit next year. I dont know how bad it will be but the industry cant afford to lose the young engineers at this time. If there are lay-offs and there will be, it will be the baby boomers forced into retirement and the new grads that will be the first to go. Those that have been able to soak up the most knowledge in the limited time will be kept and the rare 35 to 50 range employees will be even more valuable. Its a lower risk position than it was in the 80s, but that just depends on the size of the dip. Of course, most of this depends on the revisions to the export laws coming up as well as the goverment’s decisions on refining the condensate crude.

  • CommonSense, not every college grad is loaded down with student debt. Many have some, but many are also paying it off quickly.
    Coconutbutter, there are plenty of 30-year olds all around the loop. Most of the ones I know are married with promising careers and a few children. The vast majority seem to be in energy, law, or tax.
    I can’t say I’m racing to the top, but I do have “good job security and pay” and have enjoyed my time in Houston. Unlike what Old School suggested, I never found Houston to be “exotic”. I can think of many places around the world that I’ve lived in to be more exotic. It’s been a great city to raise a family in, though.

  • @MrClean19 – I think your assessment is spot on. I work for an engineering firm in Downtown. I’m 30, and the age gap is VERY noticeable. A lot of our safety/value moments are centered around aging health problems or dying parents; it depresses the hell out of me. I rarely find people my age in the office! When I do, they are 30-40, married, have kids, or are trying to have kids.
    With the price of oil tanking and apprehension over the US being an exporter of gas, it should be interesting to see how it affects employment. Baby boomers are retiring soon, but with numerous companies, including my own, making cuts or implementing hiring freezes… It’s anyone’s guess what the outlook is.
    And just for the record, I’m not interested in dating recent college grads. I’ve finally gotten in a good place at work, bought a house two years ago inside the loop, and have no debt minus my mortgage. I’ll just get another cat. (At least there won’t be any unsolicited dick pix.) Mrow.

  • Where are the young people? They’re all around you in vast numbers. If you don’t see them, its because you’ve got socioeconomic or ideological blinders on and probably an inferiority complex that has manifested itself in some particular way; and perhaps so have they. It’s remarkable how easily humans segregate themselves into tiny little communities of people even such otherwise large and diverse cities. Most of us — whoever ‘we’ are — might as well be invisible to most of the rest of ‘them’.

    If you can’t see them, don’t worry. You aren’t missing much. Some of them (and not many) have the potential to become interesting one day.