Houston Is About To Be Surrounded by a Gentle Mist of Mosquito Spray

Here’s a map showing the 600,000 acres in Harris County over which the Air Force Reserve’s 910th Airlift Wing will be flying modified C-130 cargo planes staged from Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio in order to conduct an aerial spray operation beginning Thursday evening. The marked zones to the north, south, east, and west of inside-the-Beltway Houston will be graced with a mist of Dibrom, an insecticide meant to reduce the threats posed by millions of mosquitoes arising from thousands of impromptu pools formed in Harvey’s wake. Harris County public health officials suggest persons “concerned about the exposure” — and area beesremain indoors during the nighttime insecticide-disbursement procedure, which might take a second evening to complete.

Map: Harris County Public Health



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  • FYI and they probably already know this…Please do not spray over Armand Bayou Nature Center!!! We need the few native fireflies and other pollinators. Thanks so much!


  • Is there a reason they don’t have hours posted? Seems like a pretty vague time frame for persons “concerned”.

  • Please don’t do this! This is harmful to our physical health and our environment. How can we put a stop to this!

  • ooooh, my home in 77007 will be chemtrail free.

  • Stacy, hopefully the air force reads swamplot.

  • LOL at all the zika mosquitos posting on swamplot not to do this.

  • Gawd, I hope it kills love bugs, too.

  • They could just mobilize and put BT (bacillus thuringiensis). But, hey, those chemical companies need to make money. Who needs pollinators anyway? Chemical solve everything! The east end is full of petro chemical releases. The flood water is full of chemicals. Gotta make sure everyone gets a taste!

  • Thanks @Bill, i needed that laugh

  • For those interested in the spray start time..I just talked to the Mosquito Control division of Harris County Public Health at #713-440-4800.
    They said they will start spraying around 8pm this eve-3/4am tomorrow am.

  • They couldn’t start spraying after ppl are in bed… Is it safe to let our pets out to potty what time will it be over? They really should have let us know these things… Grrrrr

  • Wwahhhhhhhhhhhhhh cry me a river. I’m over these mosquitos. Kill em all. All these complaining naysayers would be complaining while getting bit.

    I will have a few beers while watching the planes flyin and skeeters dyin.

  • WOO HOO!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! Yes, we may lose some pollenators, but it’s better than getting Zika or some other crap that mosquitoes are carrying now. And maybe some of you could do a little research on what they are going to be using instead of jumping on the paranoia bandwagon….

  • they started spraying over an area that had fields of bees, 30 minutes before sundown– when they claimed to be starting after dark. This is also banned in the EU btw, likely for good reason. Look it up.

  • Tonight I saw a C-130 flying low with 4 streams of poisons being sprayed over a neighborhood near where the Sam Houston Tollway and Westheimer cross; 77042.

    Harris County’s “Alert” said that the spraying was supposed to happen only last Thursday and possibly Friday. But, they are STILL spraying poisons over Harris County, nearly 1 week after it was supposed to end.

    Why is it that Harris County Health Dept employees cannot give residents correct and adequate warnings regarding when they are going to dump poisons on their heads?

    The Harris Co Health Dept employee said on the news that if people were worried, they could just “stay indoors while the spraying is going on”. But, people cannot do that if they continue to spray and do not bother to warn people.

    And of course, “just staying indoors” does not help all the other wildlife that will be affected. Apparently he doesn’t care about that. Great “Health” Dept we have in Harris Co.