Houston #1 in Sublease Office Space; Downtown Getting a WeWork


Photo of Buffalo Bayou: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • HGAC is right, maybe it’s time to start planning for transportation methods other than just personal vehicle?

  • @toasty or maybe it’s time to reduce the need for so much transportation altogether by encouraging people to live closer to where they work, and vice versa, as well as making sure the necessary/desired amenities are nearby.

  • The Chronicle article made a fairly big deal out of the following H-GAC quote: “Future growth and the resulting travel is expected to surpass our ability to meet regional mobility needs by relying solely on increased roadway capacity.” I question the significance of this excerpt. Is that not the case at the present time? Has that ever not been the case?
    In any case, I’m really curious as to what they think might be the consequence of driverless vehicles as a jitney service. Untold billions of dollars are getting invested into this technology and it poses an existential threat to most transit agencies, including Houston’s METRO. What physical plant will we need more of? Crosstown HOV lanes, ramps, and grade-separated intersections. Perhaps some high-speed high-capacity trunklines, but maybe not if those HOVs are restricted to automated vehicles and orderly enough.