Houston Office Tenants Expect More Amenities Than Ever; Ikea Acquires Land in Generation Park; Killen’s TMX Debuts

Photo of Uptown: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Think I’ve finally seen the end of multifamily boom in the “Houston gentrification arrow” and completion of all the complexes this year.
    Rent growth should lag for another few years though against US average since the green shoots we saw in Oil this fall are quickly deteriorating to say the least.
    Who knows though, maybe we’ll hit a massive bear market in stocks and lack of homebuyers will push everyone into the complexes to get some rent growth going again. We’re long overdue for some good market buying opportunities and this is what I’m hoping for next year.

  • Too bad about Sud Italia. My last dinner there, out on the porch, the proprietor appeared and presented us free dessert drinks. We must’ve been a cute couple ):

  • joel: Hopefully if rent growth slows, hcad will give property owners a break. Some of my properties have had their values DOUBLE in the last few years. I can tell you that rents have NOT done the same.
    We have recently started to raise rents mostly to keep up with property tax bills.