What a Houston Hyperloop Station Could Look Like; Shady Acres King’s Biergarten Almost Here


Photo of Thai Cottage Bellaire: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I hope Tacodeli is better than Torchy’s Tacos which I think is highly overrated and overpriced!

  • Kinda wish all the overpriced hand sourced hipster trash would go ahead and confine itself to austin. Newstonians shelling out $4+ for a taco is crazy.

  • Are they just tearing down Thai Cottage or that whole shopping center?

  • @Laz: That’s where the new two story HEB is going. They killed Hong Kong Chef last year I think. No grocery store is worth that.

  • That Thai Cottage relocated about a block away. The new location is better than the old one anyway.

  • Complain about Torchy’s and other hipster taco joints all you want, but I find the “$4 for a TACO?!?” pearl-clutching to be tiresome.

    Torchy’s can sell a $4 taco for the same reason Beck’s Prime can sell a $10 cheeseburger: Torchy’s is not selling the same product as a taco truck, and Beck’s is not selling the same product as McDonald’s. But somehow we don’t object to a $10 hamburger.

  • As someone who always goes to Tacodeli when I visit friends in Austin, it’s awesome. Better than Torchy’s

  • @Angostura: We do, in fact, object to a $10 hamburger.

  • ^ I agree with Memebag’s objection to a $10 hamburger.

  • Tacodeli is fucking good. You’re all on notice.

  • I recently went to a Tacodeli in Austin. My first thought was that the name “Tacodeli” sounded like the epitome of a gringo taco. As it turned out, it happened to be one of the best tacos i’d eaten in quite a while. I’m not particularly a Torchy’s fan, but I’ll be happy to give Tacodeli my money if i was looking for something a step up from the usual fare.

  • Yeah, I don’t usually buy a $10 hamburger. Totally fine with a $2 In-n-Out burger or $5 Five Guys burger. As for Torchy’s…the best thing going for them is their queso.

  • Don’t get me wrong. I’ll eat a $10 hamburger, but I do so under protest.

    All I know about Tacodeli is they had a bike team in the MS150 last year, and during the jersey contest in La Grange they go us chanting “I SAY TACO YOU SAY DELI!” and “I SAY IN MY YOU SAY BELLY!”.

    Seemed like friendly folk.

  • Re: Taco Wars

    Velvet Taco on Washington Ave. is the new Torchy’s. They had camel tacos and also curry queso. They should expand all over Houston.

    Fuzzy’s Tacos was a let down. Then again I only tried one item.

  • Here’s something we can all agree on – it’s our right as Americans (and Texans) to unapologetically blow our cash on whatever we want, unfearful and apathetic to the opinions of others. Anyway else sounds like the beginning of an Orwellian nightmare.

  • Yeah! I’m in full agreement with Native Houstonian. No straw man is going to tell me what I can do with my hard earned cash or lock me up in their straw man dungeon and force me to care about anyone’s opinions!