Houston Pavilions: Lucky Strike Out, Hats Off, Shoes Back in Boxes

Last week Lucky Strike Lanes announced that the stalled buildout of the company’s new upscale bowling alley and lounge in Houston Pavilions would be “put on hold”indefinitely. This time the company isn’t complaining about delayed equipment deliveries, though. It’s delayed money deliveries:

“At the moment we are seeking financing to complete the project and are having meaningful conversations with potential Houston-based partners as well as investors from elsewhere in the country,” Lucky Strike President Dolf Berle said. “We are still dedicated and committed to opening in Houston.”

Meanwhile, this past Wednesday night HAIF poster houstonartstudent reported the quiet withdrawal of two minor — and seemingly out-of-place — retail tenants:


walked around this evening with some friends and workers were boarding up the “previous” [Lidz] store…and then we walked past Journeys and saw they had tons of boxes of inventory, but upon further look it turns out they’re mailing product out to other stores…so it looks like they’ll be boarding that one up pretty soon.

Lidz and Journeys Shoes are both now gone from Houston Pavilions’ online tenant directory, but Lucky Strike Lanes is apparently still worth listing. A new Mexican restaurant, Guadalajara del Centro, opened up at the corner of San Jacinto and Dallas (in the complex) last week.

Photo of Houston Pavilions: Alec McClure

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  • Tried Guadalajara del Centro last Thursday. Average food, nothing special, and INSANELY overpriced. Decent ‘ritas, but they’re not cheap either. Hate to say it, but it’s not making much economic sense to hit the Pavilions right now.

  • I’m with you Jim. Food wasn’t good but it sure was expensive. I think the cheapest entree was two cheese enchiladas with rice and beans for 11. There was no one there on Sunday afternoon. She said weekday lunch has been good but evenings haven’t. I also saw workers in McCormick and Schmick’s but no customers there. As we were walking towards House of Blues, someone dropped a soda bottle from the second floor near the entrance of HOB. Soda was everywhere, including all over the door of HOB. GHETTO.

  • Jim & Matt must be a couple of thugs or they wouldn’t use that type of language.
    I have eaten at Guadalahara & it was great.
    If anyone can’t find something more to complain about than dinner costing $10.00, they don’t get out much.

  • James, I have to agree with you about the price. I ate at my favorite cafeteria, Cleburnes and it was $14.00 for entree, vegetable, roll, iced tea and dessert. I do have to say, it was totally worth it.