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  • Not to give anyone too much credit, but I wonder if they used those photos to show that it cannot be saved/has extensive water damage without actually coming out to say it?

    Either that or these were taken the last time it looked decent? After all, there is no way they were taken recently.

    I’ll put it on my drive by route…

  • …the property has been for sale for much longer than a year (maybe two)

  • I would kill for a moat like that. Even if it couldn’t keep the riff raff out, I could mock all those that are subject to water restrictions.

  • This place is ripe for a boutique motel makeover a la Liz Lambert’s San Jose Hotel in Austin. I’ve always thought it could be a fantastic opportunity, and has a great location on the fringe of Woodland Heights/Norhill. BONUS: right across the street from Spanish Flower!

  • ‘Admiral’, and I suppose that’s the flagship hardy-har-har, though etymologically speaking, the term just meant ‘commander’.

  • Pretty sure thats just wet concrete

  • I’ve seen 1940s-era pictures of the back structure, which used to be a restaurant or some kind of diner for guests.

  • Please, I just want to know where the 340sqft Airstream my Aunt lived in on some N. Main trailer park in 1954?

  • Phil, I’ve had the same idea for years. Miss Msry, your aunt’s trailer was almost certainly in the “trailer court” that was behind Quality Feed…which is an excellent feed and garden store.

  • ‘Near proposed light rail’? Really?

  • With the best will in the world how is 0.83 acres at lot value $1.65M. Lots on the best blocks in the Heights are fetching a little over $0.25 which would make 35,000sq.ft worth no more than $1.3M. I would guess that this property is worth significantly less than $1M at best.

  • It is a cool place though, I’ve always been curious about it.

  • @Dave:
    LOL! At one point that was true, as one route considered went up North Main and turned at Airline, so it *was* near a *proposed* light rail, albeit one that was DELETED in favor of Fulton Street, where it’s currently under construction.

    It’s a bit like calling Richmond, VA, a proposed national capitol. It was, at one point, but certainly no longer.

  • It’s really the ultimate no-tell motel. Pull in, shut the garage door, and head up to your room.

  • Aww, I LOVE the Admiral. Hopefully someone will at lest save the neon sign.

  • So glad to hear others w fond visions of what The Admiral could be w deep pockets. I have many times thought a rehab would make for a great unique b&b

  • Correction: miss_msry, it was a “tourist court” in the old maps, not a “trailer court.” By the way, I liked your comment at nytimes.com yesterday.

  • The HCAD value on a lot of 77009 Heights, Woodland and otherwise, was $32 a square foot. What is this somebody said .25 cents?