Houston Renters on the Rise; Reagan HS Will Be Renamed Too


Photo of Rodeo Houston: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Why doesn’t HISD just rename Reagan HS as Ronald Reagan HS. Easy enough, right?… On this note, I wonder how future Houstonians will judge us on this renaming binge we are in now. If something becomes unearthed about Sam Houston, can we expect Houston to be renamed? Or, say, Steven F Austin? It’s just getting ridiculous.

  • Why not just rename Reagan High after Ronald Reagan? Satisfies the conservatives who want to keep the name and satisfies those who want to purge the schools of confederate names. They won’t even need to change the signs!

  • Hmmmmm…. if there was only a person with a last name Reagan in US history that was famous enough to warrant a high school naming….. I mean, you could keep the name and save lots of $$$ if only that were the case.

  • With the looming budget crisis and the necessity of renaming certain schools, I wonder if HISD should look at selling naming rights for its schools. That would make them some desperately needed money. But we would have to live with “Anadarko High” or “Ford Motors Middle.”

  • they should name Lee HS after me Ziad Taha HS.. why not?

  • For a local take on the renaming bonanza I suggest reading this article published in The Leader News late last year by the columnist Lynn Ashby:


    It definetly made me reconsider the reasoning behind changing the names

  • HISD has the Dylann Roof Syndrome…

  • Sam Houston was a slave owner. One of the main triggers for the Texas Revolution was white immigrants’ refusal to follow Mexican rule of law by importing and owning slaves. Col. James Fannin made his way smuggling slaves from Cuba into Galveston prior to the revolution.

  • Anyone want to write the Mattress Firm High fight song?

  • @Seymour B, thank you for that piece by Lynn Ashby!
    True, a hero acts in his/her time for his/her time and cannot know the values of future generations.

  • Fluffy Kitty Elementary, Everybody Gets a Trophy Middle School, Blue Sky Junior High, You Rock! High School.
    In the old days, public schhools in large cities had numbers.

  • The irony is that Reagan was a moderate Unionist who had to play along to get along. Just like Sam Houston.