Houston Rents on the Rise; Melange Creperie’s Long-Awaited Sit-Down Spot; The High Cost of Astros Playoff Parking

Photo of construction in West University: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: HEB at Meyerland…

    This is interesting to me because my mom used to work at, and retired from, Kroger. Her first store was in the old (original) Meyerland Plaza. For those who remember it, it was in the space occupied by the antique consignment store. To see a grocery store move back in there would be like coming full circle.

    All it needs is a little movie theater and for JC Pennys and Palais Royale to remain (if they’re still there?) :-)

  • Re: H-E-B Mentioned as Possible Tenant at Meyerland Plaza
    Thought this was just Nextdoor gossip!? That would be so weird to have an HEB in that shopping center. People on Nextdoor speculate that J.C. Penney won’t leave as that’s one of their flagship stores. Not sure where else it could go within the shopping center? Also, talk about an overcrowded parking lot! On the weekends, it’s hard enough to find parking space.

  • I am pretty much 100% certain that the listing photo is on West 22nd street in Shady Acres. I say this as I can see that site from my front window.

    Although, I’m glad to see single family homes making a new comeback after almost a decade of nothing but stacked boxes, these two homes are candidates for narrowest gap between them. I would guess it’s maybe eighteen inches at most.

  • I just don’t understand the appeal of long-term storage units. Maybe if you’re moving or doing a remodel, sure – get some storage for a few months. But if it’s just crap you’ve accumulated because you think you’ll need it one day, you’re better off selling it on Craigslist, donating it, or burning it in a pile in your backyard. In the consumer age, a lot of Americans have adopted a hoarder mentality that is borderline pathological – and expensive. The same is true for getting a four car garage and extra closets in your McMansion so that you can use 2 of the spaces for your junk. You end up paying more in property tax on the extra square footage than the junk is worth.

    But then again, I am the opposite and get a sick pleasure out of getting rid of stuff, so maybe I’m the ill one.

  • Re: Average Rent Up at least $16 from Pre-Harvey to $1,000/Month
    If one’s rent was $984/month before Harvey to a cool $1,000 now, that is less than a 2% bump. Skip two Starbucks lattes/month, ease the pressure on your expanding waistline at the same time, and you’re golden.

  • The rumored spot for the Meyerland HEB is the bank spot across from Chik Fil A. I don’t get it, but whatever.

  • Man, I must suck as an investor. Our rents are down ~$18 vs. a few months ago. We also dipped 1% point in occupancy (even counting the units we gave people for free to help with displaced Harvey residents)

  • @tinyvoices: Really? That’s not going to work. Maybe in 3 months we can look back to see if you’re right though.

  • Meyerland doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for an HEB. The new, gigantor one in Bellaire is less than a mile and a half from there, so pumping that much capital into overlapping markets would seem to be a less than rational business decision. If they are really interested in serving the Southwest area then they should be going further South, around Westbury/Willowbend/Willow Meadows, or even down near W. Orem. There is actually plenty of open land available starting in Westbury, going down around 90 and Chimney Rock/Hillcroft.

  • Cody I am a small landlord. I didnt notice any increase in qualified renters after Harvey either.