Houston Rents Slide; Post-Flood Calls for Action


Photo of The Post Oak: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Forbes article – the supposed fame of the street in front of GRB, and the acronym “ADLA” are news to me, and I was born and raised in the area.

  • Re: Is Houston the NFL’s Best Super Bowl Host City?

    While referring to Avenida de las Americas in front of the GRB they said: “… ADLA (as termed by Houston residents)….” . What Houston residents are they talking about? I think they made this part up ….

  • Re: Forbes Super Bowl article
    Sheesh. I’m with WR: who are these supposed “Houston residents” who call it ADLA? I’ll bet those “residents” are people who got here six months ago and/or are the writer and his buddy.
    As far as the headline question: I think it may be too early for us to claim “World’s Best Super Bowl Host City”. Or, as a Houston resident, I call it: “WBSBHC”, which rolls off the tongue.

  • Totally made up. Are Forbes and CNN working together now?

  • wow, ADLA? what a joke. Fake news.

  • I got to see the new Avenida this past weekend and it is radically transformed. The old eight-lane roadway was probably a vestige from when Discovery Green was a sea of surface parking. The slimmed-down pedestrian-friendly version is great, but it took me a few seconds to comprehend what the “ADLA” on all the wayfinding signs was about. This is something that was recently coined, for sure.

  • I suspect that the Forbes article just poaches some PR material they found online about the upgrades to the convention center. the Avenida is abbreviated in some of the PR material as “ADLA”. The article also gets it wrong that Monica Pope has opened a new restaurant.

  • Agree with all of the above. *Chuckling* Anywho, the best Super Bowl city by far is New Orleans and Miami is second. Houston as we all know is waaaaaay too spread out with all of the activities and nobody wants to spend a large percentage of their time getting from hotel to activities to bars/restaurants then the game. In Nawlins, Superdome is downtown and connected to the quarter. All walkable. Food is great, weather is usually good, sometimes around Mardi Gras and they party 24/7.

  • Yeah, the Forbes article was almost funny. Besides the strange ADLA paragraph, there was the comment about Caswell’s new restaurant Reef (which has been open for, what, 10 years?)

  • San Diego would be the best superbowl city by miles if we’d just have found a way to build a stadium
    (still crying about my Chargers :(

  • Old School, I guess if you count the panini & salad place in terminal C at IAH then it looks like Monica Pope is opening a new restaurant. Not sure if it’s actually open yet but the mgmt company says it’s opening in 2017: http://www.otgmanagement.com/experiences/featured-experience?loc=1184

  • @Old School @CJ: I’m betting that the “new” Monica Pope restaurant is the second location of Beaver’s that opened this month on Westheimer. http://www.chron.com/life/food/article/New-door-Beaver-s-opens-a-second-location-on-10831101.php