Houston Retail Ramping Up in 2017; Goodbye, Dowling Street


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  • Killen’s would make a fortune if they opened somewhere on S Main near NRG. Pappa’s seems like they can barely keep up with bbq demand in the area (especially after events), and Killen’s would draw people in and be an anchor.

  • Re: City Council Has ‘Eureka’ Moment in Changing Dowling St to Emancipation Avenue
    While I like the word ’emancipation’, it is a bit clunky. If they wanted to honor someone, they should have named it “Lincoln Avenue” since the only Lincoln Street in Houston runs for exactly one block. (Look it up on Google Maps if you want to verify.)
    I’d wager that the City Council then wanted to do the bare minimum to honor Abe Lincoln. Even our forgettable one-term 8th President Van Buren has a street that runs 9 blocks.

  • Streets should be numbered to avoid this unnecessary public preening by the current hate groups.

  • Broadway Street landscaping finished in time for the Superbowl. Enjoy while you can. I suspect it’ll be a ugly mess again very soon. In order for something to stay nice, the people who live around it have to care about it, and take pains to keep it that way.

  • Emancipation Avenue…what a joke. Remind every black person who finds themselves on that street that their ancestors or “their people” were once slaves. Great idea. Oh yeah and some guy named Dowling who almost no one 150 year later even knows or cares about was a Confederate soldier…like almost every able-bodied Texan male was. We need to remove his name asap. And his statue in Hermann Park too…and didn’t Sam Houston own a slave or two? Big can o’ worms there.

  • Dana-X–You know that Emancipation runs right next to Emancipation Park. Emancipation Park is on land bought by former slaves in 1872 for the purpose of having a place where they could celebrate Juneteenth. In 1918, it was bought by the COH to be a public park. At the time, it was the only public park in Houston that African Americans could use. The rumor was that Dowling St, which was previously named Broadway, was renamed intentionally to insult African Americans by shoving the name of Houston’s most famous Confederate war leader in their faces. (Ditto with Tuam, which runs along the north border of the park and is the birthplace of Richard Dowling.)

    Are you saying that African Americans should forget history? In which case, maybe we should stop celebrating Juneteenth and rename Emancipation Park.

  • “Are you saying that African Americans should forget history? In which case, maybe we should stop celebrating Juneteenth and rename Emancipation Park.”

    No, but why do city servants want to remind them of a sad history? Does it impart a positive emotion? Emancipation……..yes!

  • @ Robert Boyd: It was Bastrop Street that had previously been named Broadway. The 1896 Sanborn insurance maps depict both Broadway and Dowling existing concurrently at that time.

    (see maps 10, 14, 18, and 26)

  • Wow, its not named slavery street, but emancipation street. You get the sequence of time, here, right Dana-ex?

  • Yeah, let’s get rid of the Holocaust museum while we are at it. I am Jewish and I do not like being reminded of how my ancestors were persecuted during WWII. There is nothing in the current international political climate that gives me any concern. So, maybe replace it with a museum dedicated to the strip mall.

  • Dana X. You make no damn sense. If, as you say, the local African Americans shouldn’t be reminded of their “sad” history, than why keep the street named after Dowling, a confederate?? I can’t speak for the Black community, but as a member of the LGBT community, I can tell you there are words and figures from our pasts that hold power and emotion for many of our minority communities. If the term “Emancipation” resonates with the majority of the surrounding black community, who the hell are you to question that?? Or do you simply just like coming off as a racist?

  • SMH at the do-gooders renaming streets so they can pat themselves on the backs.

  • Robert Boyd- If someone is born here they are Americans, no self-segregating hyphen needed or wanted.

  • It’s funny how people love to call people racist without any indication of that…and then tell others that they shouldn’t categorize people…

  • @TheNiche: Bastrop might have previously been Broadway, but Dowling was previously E. Broadway. Take a look at the 1890 map #8 from your same link. It shows both Broadway and E. Broadway.

  • @ Dana-X: so does July 4 remind you of British rule and make you sad?

  • GoogleMaster +1

  • Lol, only a white person would think that it’s a street name of all things that reminds african americans of their history of slavery. Like it’s something they forgot.

  • I’m just disappointed they didn’t name it Malcolm X Boulevard.

  • I’d vote for DJ Screw Street.

  • And the speed limit is 5 mph