Houston Ship Channel Dredging Wrapping Up; Touring a New Second Ward Affordable Housing Complex

Photo of Donovan Park, Heights Blvd. at E. 7th St.: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • The New Hope Housing place looks hip from the street but, even with taxpayer subsidies the best they’ve got is 350 sf for $500 including utilities? These folks are banking it with a compassionate face.

  • For people not concerned with size, that just want a cheap, new’ish, all bills paid propert, $500 is a great deal. Our all bills paid studios (which are bigger than 350 SF but still not huge) are ~$800 at least. And they’re old and and very ‘meh’ inside.

  • I’m glad you replied Cody cause you’re in the biz…so they’ve got 179 units and have no debt (they say.)..so I’m estimating 100K+ per month gross…then staff, utilities, insurance etc…banking it thanks to us?

  • dana, im pretty sure there are easier ways to make money in real estate than renting $500/month all bills paid efficiencies to homeless people. why is it so important to you to say that these guys are “banking it”? damn what a weirdo.