Houston Street Art Is for Drivers

HOUSTON STREET ART IS FOR DRIVERS Sebastien Boncy wishes Houston had more street art that made sense for Houston, where the viewers aren’t walking by. Like this sort of thing (pictured) “from a couple of months ago. Post-retinal butter on a stick. I saw it from the passenger seat, driving through downtown. Once more, only seconds are needed to take in this bright rupture in the space-time continuum. One look and you have a pretty good idea how it was made. As you are taking in that visual break with the dull aesthetic of yet another Downtown building, you are also processing the bratty action that made it possible. My day brightened as I saw it, I felt a twitch in my muscles that let me know how easy it would be to be part of the vandalism. I hadn’t felt that sort of adolescent rush since the first Twilight.” Alas, he continues, “Such examples remain rare and singular. I wish I had pictures to share with you the wonders of fire hydrants dressed in Lacoste (circa 2003) or the Twombly-like mural of poop smears (2005?) next to Mai’s. I have no idea who made any of this. Were they artists? You’re right, stupid question.” [Glasstire] Photo: Sebastien Boncy

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  • I did not feel a rush of juvenile excitement when I drove by this. I figured it was done by people with way too much time on their hands.

    I’m opposed to vandalism even when it’s considered “art”. In fact, I think most vandalism I notice is intended as art. It is only the property owner’s decision how to decorate his/her property (deed restrictions aside), not some perpetually unemployed “artist”.

    However, my compassion is noticeably diminished when the vandalized property is one that stands abandoned, decaying for 20-30 years, and is an eyesore for the entire area.

  • cane them

  • I’ve noticed the splatter paint on the side of the building many times and always had the same thought: I’m pretty sure it was done with water balloons filled with paint, but how did they pressurize the paint enough to expand the ballons to a point where they would burst on impact? You have to have decent water pressure to fill water ballons, how do you get paint pressure?

  • I’m not in favor of this. I Don’t want downtown Houston to look like a kid’s playground.

  • I am offended and frankly a little horrified. If such brazen criminals could splatter primary colors on a building that has been rotting and used as a toilet by vagrants for 30 years, I shudder to think what they would do if they got a hold of our sons or daughters.

  • I’m not sure I follow how graffiti/vandalism necessarily leads to the harming of your children. Citation? Or is this the typical and automatic/emotional “think of the children!!” response?

  • Probably was done with Paint Guns, not water balloons….. Looks like Southwest Airlines was plotting their destination cities…(have you seen the commercial?)

  • We should also cane people who speed in their cars. No, they should be locked away for years, forced into rehabilitation driving courses and therapy counseling for emotional imbalances for their heinous crime.
    Apparently if you can not imagine yourself painting on a bldg, you can imagine all sorts of punishment on “others” who would. Let’m live, you zombies.

  • “I’m not sure I follow how graffiti/vandalism necessarily leads to the harming of your children. Citation? Or is this the typical and automatic/emotional “think of the children!!” response?”

    Perhaps Gus could hook us up with some sarcasm tags.

  • street art adds beauty to the world. i understand why its illigle, but do not think of the artests who do true street ART as bad people we are not gang members that deal drugs to little kids. most of us do it for fun and the enjoyment of others

  • Whoever did that is not an artist, just a punk.