Houston’s Affordability Crisis; Cat Adoption Cafe Seeks Loving Home


Photo of Discovery Green: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • You wont be able to buy a $200k 2000sqft home in the heights in the near future. To get an affordable product, you need to invest in a neighborhood or move out to the suburbs. I keep harping on 5th ward but there are good products out there for people to buy up for cheap if they make the investment into a neighborhood.


  • They’re out there, but I wouldn’t call any of them “investments”. The school ratings for that Buck St. house are downright scary…. if not threatening.

  • great job COH for finally allocating some funds to the terribly crumbling MLK Blvd. it is a highly used artery and carries the rail and a high ridership bus line. get those sidewalks fixed, repave and add draininge and beautify a much deserving community.

  • A person cant even get a $200k house that size now.i bought early in one area of the heights and the harris county appraisal district said the value of my house went up 1967% from 2011 to 2016.there isnt much land close to downtown and real estate experts are saying houston home values will continue to go up especially the popular hoods close to downtown.people who own a home in a popular area close to downtown,have one the lottery $$$.i need to figure out what type of sports car i want a Porsche,maserati,bmw,benz,bentley,etc.when a person has money this type of stuff gets so confusion.lol

  • There is a great deal of new construction along MLK, from OST to points south. Recent big demo at corner of OST at MLK (think it was called Palms Center). Still a lot to do in that area, but the trend is positive.

    Inasmuch as the pavilion-soon-to-be-formerly-named-Hofheinz is at the corner of Houston city streets Cullen and Holman, it’s not immediately clear which street will memorialize the late judge. Perhaps it will be discovered that Holman owned slaves or something and the street will need a new name anyway.

  • @Joel a good school district in the inner loop prices about 99% of the population out. This one is especially bad but there is no fixing the situation without more residents willing to send their kids to public schools.

  • Loving the HAR report for May released today. Lots of sales activity with prices flat.
    We’ve broken the trendline and heading in the right direction now.

  • @MrClean Where have you been for the last few years? You haven’t been able to buy a 200k 2k sq ft home in the heights for almost 3 years now. There were a few pockets like Brooke Smith that held out for a while, but even there, 2 years ago, people were asking 250 for 1.5k sq ft.

  • How many years has it been since you could buy that size house for 200k? We got into The Heights 6 1/2 yrs ago. We paid 300k for 2200 square feet, and we felt lucky to get in then before prices went up more. Right now our area is seeing a cooling trend, but it’s still up from where we started.