Houston’s Affordable Housing Loss; DesignHive Filling Up

Photo of the George R. Brown Convention Center: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Still making predictions about “the effects of global climate change” i see. In 2006 Al Gore said we’d be in global climate catastrophe by 2016. Keep pushing it and looking foolish, the internet remembers.

  • I prefer my mass hysteria to be in supervolcano form.

  • If you can’t recognize the ongoing global climate change by now you must be blind. The only real question that still exists not totally answered is why it is occurring and if we can stop it. I am not convinced that we have the grit to face the facts, and we will continue to kick the issue down the road. Until we do we can continue to expect increasing migration pressures that no wall will stem.

  • @WR – Where are these climate-induced mass migrations occurring right now? I must have missed it.

  • Governor of Louisiana declares State of Emergency as state’s coastline disappears.

  • @Superdave, ever heard of Florida or Arizona?
    I’m admittedly unconcerned about rising waters and melting glaciers and it’s effect on our unique environments and species because i’m simply selfish and greedy like most americans that have the ability to pick up and move if needed..
    However, one thing I can’t tolerate is changing climate patterns bringing more northernly fronts further south. Based on how the elderly respond to weather patterns having this play out on a massive scale would have a destabilizing impact on our economy and infrastructure with more folks being driven southwards and natural resources becoming less accessible. Maybe at that time environments such as arizona & florida could be become more sustainable without sacrifice to standards of living, but doubtful. Or maybe more people like snowstorms and erratic weather patterns more than I imagine, but I live in a subtropical swamp for a reason.

  • If you think that the Earth’s climate should be, or has ever been static, then you should go talk to a geologist – there are plenty in Houston.

  • It’s the rate of change that matters, not the tolerance range. I’m quite sure geologist would agree with that.
    Historical precedence established over 100’s of MM’s of years has no bearing on or disqualifies intelligent and reasoned modeling showing human involvement can help prevent such incidents of natural destruction and harm. If there’s a landslide in california we don’t just leave it and build a new road because it’s bound to happen again. We use learned intelligence and modeling to clear it and start over again with better protections in place.
    Replacing dynamic changes, systems and models with static ones has been the greatest achievement of humanity and has rewarded us with massive proliferation. Why should we stop now?

  • Not sure that I follow…. If our “greatest achievement” has been to adapt and overcome our environment (indeed, we have colonized the entire planet aside from a few extremes) then what fear should we have of climate change?

  • Another Urban Edge whining article about the entitled

    LOL at the Global Warm..errr Climate Change sheeple

  • “TAMI” economy? Maybe somewhere else, but in Texas that stands for the “Textiles, Agriculture, Machine-operation, Incarceration” economy…good luck to these ‘accelerators’ — most likely just in time for the boom to be over, though that’s really nobody’s fault.

  • Actually, to be fair, the “M” should stand for “Mediocrity” — there’s nothing more Texan (and certainly nothing more ‘Cougar High’) than pipelining the mediocrity straight to the top of the heap!
    With that in mind, I wish these ‘accelerators’ the best of luck. They surely, surely, absolutely are not cogs in a corporatist-apartheid scam designed to emulate the optics of an *actual* innovation-based economy. Adios!