Houston’s De Facto Zoning; What Houston Will Look Like in 2020


Photo of the Police Officer Memorial in Buffalo Bayou Park: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Can anyone tell me who owns the property at 12000 Bissonnet? It used to be the Doty Sand Pit Land Fill, then was the Sugar Hill Golf Course. HCAD has no records that I can find after 2011, when Olympic Coast Investment Inc was the property owner.
    Any help would be very appreciated!

  • Center of Houston metro will be Barker-Cypress @ I-10 in 2020? How is that possible? That would nearly make Bellville closer to the “future center of Houston” than Pearland or Kingwood. Am I missing something?

  • I read: By 2020 Houston Will Have a Population of 7,413,214 with 40.9% Hispanic Residents, According to Lawnstarter [Culturemap]

    Will there be no Asians in Houston in 2020?

  • Try
    832 YALE ST
    HOUSTON TX 77007-1596

  • Whoa. 14.5% more people in the next 5 years? That will put a lot of stress on the infrastructure: roads, fire and police, sewer, schools, you name it. Maybe it is time to have a 5-year plan to sell out and move to the boonies.

  • I wouldn’t put much stock in those pop growth estimates. They are based on numbers from when oil was still booming. I do think we’re still doing good and I think we will still see growth but job growth in Houston has already stagnated so I don’t see how we’re going to grow another million or two in the next 5 years. In their projection they have job growth *increasing* in the next 5 years. Also, to be completely fair, this projection is coming from a company that does landscaping. No joke.
    When is Swamplot coming back?

  • @MrEction:

    “… the rest of our Houston coverage will have to wait for the new editorial team that’ll take over when Swamplot returns.”

    I think we’re waiting for Swamplot to hire a new editor.