Houston’s Electrifying Insult Art Has Its Critics

HOUSTON’S ELECTRIFYING INSULT ART HAS ITS CRITICS graffiti at 1601 Alabama St.,  Midtown, Houston, 77004A roving Houston graffiti connoisseur issued a short but scathing review this week of the latest addition to the utility box at the corner of Alabama St. and Almeda Rd. via the automatic city complaint-filing app SeeClickFix. The user calls the scrawled proclamation ‘bad art’; the Midtown Management District says it’s on the case. The display, directly across Almeda from hammock-rich beer garden Axelrad, does not appear to be one of the coming-up-on-100 mini murals being placed on electrical utility boxes around the city by Up Art Studios. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo of electrical utility box at 1601 Alabama St.: SeeClickFix

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  • au contraire, this is the pinnacle of expressionism.

  • I love it! Restroom stall art meets utility box art. I know a few people that I will direct to drive through this intersection asap

  • When is someone going to do a background story on Noah Quilmes? Can’t wait to see what pops up.

  • Want SeeClickFix replaced by the 311 app?

  • So, this is a blank box, correct? Or does it have a self-referential image of a utility box on it? Or is it the frisson of excitement that someone would so flagrantly flout the graffiti prohibition? The point being, who cares. But I wonder if actual art-boxes are being defaced, as many have predicted.

  • Hopefully the childish vandal is caught.