Houston’s First-Ever Inner Loop Walmart Opens Next Week

HOUSTON’S FIRST-EVER INNER LOOP WALMART OPENS NEXT WEEK “Hundreds of blue shopping carts area already lined up in the parking lot” of the “Washington Heights” Walmart SuperCenter at 111 Yale St. and Koehler, reports Charlotte Aguilar. When will customers start lining up? Sometime in advance of the scheduled October 26th opening. That’s 2 Fridays from today. If you’re bringing the family in an SUV or pickup, though, you might want to avoid crossing the Yale St. bridge just south of I-10. It’s now restricted to vehicles under 6,000 pounds. Walmart says it’s routing all supply trucks elsewise as well. [The Leader; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Charlotte Aguilar

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  • By the way, an employee at San Jacinto Stone across the street told me they are not going anywhere, the ‘newspaper’ reports are false.

  • Good news, more lower cost goods for low income individuals or those that just want to save.

    Now Kroger and Target have competition.

  • Good new for those who need another place to purchase Chinese plastic and to get that third-world feeling without having to leave your neighborhood.

  • Come all ye sheep! Celebrate the high
    cost of low prices ye sheep! Help build
    the great Communist dictatorship of the
    Great People’s Republic of China! Make
    your $$$$ deposit in the people’s Communist
    Bank of Walmart! Thanks to the Chairman
    that we don’t have to drive to the suburbs
    to make our $$$$ deposit with the Central Committee! Yippee all ye sheeple! Worship
    the Communist dictatorship at Wal$Mart . . .
    after all ye sheeple of Houston chipped in $6 MILLION for this communist $$$$ repository. Enjoy ye sheeple.

  • This Wal-Mart will be a great addition to the neighborhood. It will draw away the dirty-diaper-in-the-parking-lot clientele from the anointed Sawyer Heights Target; provide cheap entertainment in the form of taking photos for PeopleOfWalmart.com from the comfort and safety of the parking lot; and hasten the demise and rebuilding of the Yale bridge from the stress of carloads of obese customers.

  • wow! this is big news!!! how come i haven’t heard about a Walmart opening in the Heights yet. I’m surprised the residents are allowing it.

  • There is a Wal-Mart on the Loop, but on the inside of it, near where South Post Oak branches off.

  • Although it sucks this is a Walmart, its always good to see new grocery stores within the 610 loop. It just goes to show how the times are changing; it means more people are moving in and things are improving in our once dying cities. Unlike the bogus traffic argument for the Ashby Highrise, this Walmart will most likely greatly increase traffic in the area though.

  • Fantastic news. I look forward to shopping there.

  • I don’t love Walmart – either the experience of shopping there or their outsourcing model of production. But it’s hard to pretend that Target doesn’t have very similar labor practices, and doesn’t also source almost all of its products from China.

    One has a Starbucks inside, and one has a McDonalds, and I suppose we nd sort ourselves based on which of those with which we more identify.

  • I still prefer the River Oaks Target.

  • Just called San Jacinto Stone, and they still deny it. One would think they’d know. Maybe it’s all an elaborate real estate pump and dump of some sort. Guess I will hurry to finish my rock project anyway.

  • It’s amazing how much low-income housing has been torn down and will be torn down in this area due to this store that will provide lower-cost goods for low income individuals in low-cost housing.

  • My husband had a delivery from San Jac last week and asked where they would be moving. He also was told it wasn’t true……….

  • My guess on SJ Stone is that there may be some sort of option agreement in place with a confidentiality agreement to allow the buyer/developer an opportunity to try to line up some tenants to get financing. And, if they were not looking to sell, why not correct the story in the Leader? Pure speculation, but what else are you supposed to do on the internet?
    As for Walmart, today people celebrate it because it “is better than ….” But not long from now, people will curse it for what it could have been.

  • I guarantee you that many of the loudest complainers will be customers at this Walmart before the end of the holiday season. I can hear it now, it’s 10:00 pm, “Martha…I need some more ornament hangers and another box of tinsel for the tree. Who’s open?…. Well, Bill, let me hurry over to Walmart…I’ll wear a hat and put on some extra lipstick. I’m sure most of our neighbors are already in bed so no one will see me. I might even grab a few other items that we need. I’ll be sure to use cash.” Believe me…this scenario will be played out in some form or fashion in many area homes over the next few weeks.

  • @#8 Spoonman,

    Is that a typo?

    Last time I was out that way, I could have sworn that Walmart was just outside the loop.

  • People like kjb434 believe (and repeat) that WalMart has lower prices because Walmart tells them so.

  • I fricking DO NOT care. Wal-Mart and the developer have the $$$$. This IS a development/developer DRIVEN city. To all those NIMBY anti-development naysayers: YOU obtain financing and let’s see YOU develop any large parcel of land ANYWHERE in the Houston metropolitan area. Then we can talk. Until then,go shop at your overpriced ,pretentious stores Inside the Loop. I DO live Inside the Loop and patronize most stores,but NOT Wal-Mart.I DO NOT like their heinous ,overly bright indoor lighting. Besides, when you negative Nellies complain & whine about Chinese goods, YOU buy cheap IMPORTED goods& products @ Target,Kroger,and all of those stores you shop at.So get over yourselves.

  • @Patrick: So, I can’t criticize Pres. Obama, unless I have put together a campaign and served as President of the United States? I cannot criticize the director and officers of Enron for running one of the most corrupt energy companies in history unless I have served as a director or officer of a major energy company? I cannot criticize HISD for embracing teaching to the test which is ruining our education system unless I have taught in public schools? The idea that a developer or Walmart is beyond the criticism of anyone who is not the owner of another giant retailer or a real estate developer is offensive. This is my community. This is where I spend all of my money on my mortgage. This is where I raise my children and spend the better part of my productive years. What I think about this development and what my like minded neighbors think about this development matters because this is our home.

  • There goes the neighborhood. Which neighborhood? All of them, basically.

  • I have to laugh at all you who decry the “made in China” goods. Newsflash folks:
    Macy’s, Dillard’s, Target, Kohl’s are just as loaded with it. Americans won’t work for the wages that are paid in developing countries more cost effectively produce everything from plastic to clothing to home furnishings and we Americans sure as hell won’t give up our affinity for buying everything as cheaply as possible regardless of the broader socio-ramifications. So instead of whining about Wal-Mart, go stalk the American manufacturer’s executive offices who source their goods in China or shut your dern mouths and pay 30% more to have American goods.

  • Read the labels. Buy American made or made in a country that at least somewhat plays by the rules and doesn’t manipulate their currency. Pay a little more for quality and buy something you’ll keep and use the rest of your life. Anybody want to buy a Chinese
    passenger jet or aircraft carrier? I don’t think so. And though I moan about the communists I don’t buy their junk at Target or Macy’s either. The HIGH COST of free trade. BUY AMERICAN!
    America: Your chickens are comin’ home to roost!

  • Love these Walmart updates. I hope to see more of them. As they say in the newspaper business, this story has legs.

  • @PYEWACKET2; You’re right, when I was at it it looked like it was inside the Loop because it is east of the highway, but that highway is South Post Oak, not the Loop.

  • The way to best voice your complaints about Walmart is by not shopping in their stores.

    Unfortunately, there will be numerous Walmart shoppers looking for that blue light special.

    They may have cheap prices but it costs our country in the end. This is no different than illegals working for low wages, sending their earnings out of the US, not paying taxes and taking American jobs.

  • always wonder just how much these anti-free trade/buy american oldies profited off of these companies practices in their stocks and pension funds during one of the greatest 30-yr stock runs ever.

    i could maybe feel for them if my generation wasn’t getting kicked in the pants by these same grumpies that don’t way pay their countries bills. grow up and take some new economic classes folks.