Houston’s Flood of Austin Restaurant Imports; Stargazing at the Astrodome


Photo of the Astrodome: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I don’t know how all these Ramen places will survive once hot weather hits, nothing like heavy pork broth with reduced fat liquid on a 100 degree day. Pho on the other hand is light and lively, that’s why we have one on every corner.

  • Can a landlord refuse any prospective tenant?

  • The little anti Trump protest yesterday was a colossal flop. I hope the organizers and participants are really embarrassed today, they should be. LOL

  • Still trying to figure out what protest have to do with Houston real estate, Swamplot staff? Care to explain? Didn’t think so.

  • It’s highly likely that Kerbey Lane Cafe will be located in either Montrose or The Heights but I wish someone would have the vision to think outside of those areas and consider the East End. If you’re one of the very few full service breakfast spot in the East End don’t you think you’d do well? And with such a reputable name like Kerbey Lane, people would drive from far and wide to go to it, right? Everyone drove from far and wide to eat at Snooze or at Hopdoddy and those places aren’t even that great!

  • “All of Wednesday night polar spirits swept the earth until boundless snow had deformed the withered heath and the people of this section for the first time within the memory of the oldest inhabitant, looked out upon nature fringed with a beard made white with other snows than those of age.” – Brenham Daily Banner, February 15, 1895

  • @commonsense: A bunch of ramen shops survived last summer. I love ramen year round.

  • How does this Astrodome group plan to get around all the code violations that have prevented events from being held in the Dome for the last 8 years?

  • “Still trying to figure out what protest have to do with Houston real estate, Swamplot staff? Care to explain? Didn’t think so.”

    Perhaps it is because the 1,000,000+ Hispanics, and many are renters, are critical to the health of real estate in both Houston and all of Texas. Perhaps, SecureOurBorderNOW you should stage your own demonstration of like-minded bigots ….

  • I hope the federal court rules to dismantle the Montrose Management District which is a complete ruse. The only visible contributions from years of tax assessments are the (finally) completed bridge lighting project and a handful of extravagantly-priced markers to “announce” our district. Beautiful, but worthy of business taxation?? Have they actually contributed anything in terms of real business development? How about their so-called “beautification” efforts? Racket. Get rid of them.

  • We need more ramen shops. Love it. Bring some up north to the burbs as well.

  • WR- I guess you didn’t see the article on the whopping +/-250 people who protested yesterday. Talk about laughable. Still has absolutely nothing to do with Houston real estate tho.

    Also, your little race cards don’t work on me. You flingers have overused them. Someone should’ve told you flingers the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. haha

  • WR throwing down the bigot card, classic leftist parlance. yawn.

  • turning—basin throwing down the leftist card. Yawn.

  • The restaurant I’ve always wanted to migrate here is Spiral Diner from Fort Worth. (http://spiraldiner.com/) Kerbey Lane Sounds nice though.

  • Commendable work by the Swamplot staff avoiding the constructed boundaries of “real estate news”. One of the many strengths of this site is your willingness to entertain the robust connections between property and people. Keep up the good work in the face of abject criticism from those who might rather live in the informational silos of their own making.

  • WR: Trump doesn’t want to do anything with any Mexican Americans or any other recent immigrants (I say “recent) because we’re all immigrants).
    What Trump is trying to do is enforce our immigration law. You can’t just jump the fence or overstay your visa. There are many people here illegal, they 100% should be removed.
    Removing people who are here illegally isn’t racist. In fact, it’s the most pro immigration thing you can do. People waiting in line, or people who have waited in line, I’m sure appreciate it.
    And yeah, as others have said, your “everyone who is against an open border is a racist!” is getting old and tired. I thought people have given up on that hacky comment.

  • regarding section 8: Since when is someone that has their rent paid by the government a protected class? People don’t want to take section 8 because it’s a damn pain. And the data (at least from my experience) shows that issues with those who have vouchers FAR FAR FAR exceeds those who don’t.
    If the government is going to force people to take section 8, they need to do a much better job of working with landlords in a fast and modern fashion. Right now they want you do fax (what?) 100 pages of forms and crap. Who has time for that? When the government makes renting to a section 8 recipient as easy as a non section 8, more people will take it.

  • Diaspora- Do you see what is above the Swamplot title at the top of the page? This is a real estate blog, not an immigration forum.

  • SecureOurBorderNOW, you have illegally crossed over from RightWingnutLand into SwamplotLand. We will have to detain you until we can return you to your basket of deplorables. SwamplotLand is a free nation where the owners retain the right to post whatever the hell they want.