Houston’s Hotel Building Boom

HOUSTON’S HOTEL BUILDING BOOM Proposed Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites, Crawford St. Between Capitol and Rusk, Downtown HoustonIf you’ve been adding up the new Embassy Suites planned for Hughes Landing in The Woodlands, the 14-story combo Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites now beginning construction on Crawford St. between Capitol and Rusk downtown (illustrated at right, directly behind the Marriott Marquis going up one block to the south), and other recent reports of new hotels coming to town, keep counting: Arch-Con’s Michael Vaughn tells Real Estate Bisnow’s Catie Dixon that 66 new hotels will be built in the greater Houston area over the next 2 years, and “that’s mostly just the major brands” that he knows about. [Houston Business Journal; Real Estate Bisnow] Photo: American Liberty Hospitality

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  • And when they realize they’ve overbuilt hotels, and the bottom drops out of the market — we’ll have plenty of SROs!

  • The 1990’s called. They want their curved roof back.

    Seriously. WTF? And being downtown just makes it that much worse.

  • It will be tough to trump the blah design, horrible layout (“let’s have the front door face the power substation, not the tree lined street and Discovery Green!”) and cheap construction of the downtown Embassy Suites, but the Hampton appears poised to have a real chance.

  • I asked this on another post earlier this week, but it was at the end of its comment life cycle. Someone mentioned a W in Houston. Is there any actual buzz on this or just HAIF wishes and dreams? From what I’m hearing from Starwood people, Houston’s not really on the W radar.

  • @ZAW: If that happens it’s not a big deal–adding a bunch of small studio apartments to the market may actually be a good way to meet demand in some of the areas these hotels are being built in. I’m sure some adjoining rooms could also be renovated to create larger spaces.