Houston’s New Zipcar Fleet; Midtown’s New Food Truck Park

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Photo of Main St. Square: Jackson Myers via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Regarding the low income housing project in Spring Branch: I respect greatly what the Woman’s Home is trying to do. But why not skip all the drama and just build your project w/o the tax credits. If your project REQUIRES tax credits to make it happen, you have an uphill battle. However, if this is being built by a non profit that has all sorts of donation money, then just build whatever you want wherever you want. This councilwoman nor anyone else could stop someone from doing their own project. It’s when you try to dip into public funds that you open yourself up.
    So skip that and just build it yourself the way anyone else would. If you can’t get it done without tax funds, then maybe you should rethink the project.

  • Cody,

    See also, this story out of Portland about how the bureaucracy involved in govt. supported affordable housing actually leads to higher costs of affordable housing.


  • Hopefully the new Texas City HEB actually has a public restroom. :-/

  • About time Zip-car; I’ve been driving those crappy Ford Focus’ and Nissan Sentra’s for too long now.