Houston’s Record Real Estate Year; New Storage Space Shipping In; Rehabilitating the Johnny Steele Dog Park

Photo of 619 Bomar St.: Swamplot inbox


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  • What’s with the pic of a shack? It’s not even taken from a good angle. Lazy

  • I don’t have a dog, but run past the dog park often. It is on perhaps the lowest elevation along the trail. Without elevating the park area, flooding will remain a problem.

  • it was a nice place before they did anything. the current rendition ruined what was a good thing.

  • oh for god’s sake Jonathan. #StopWhining!

  • I’m curious how they expect to keep the dog park from flooding without running afoul of rules against building in the floodplain? They can’t raise that area out of the floodplain without excavating an equal volume of storage space from nearby, to make up for the lost storage volume. The amenities in the park were intended to flood. The original designers just didn’t think about the sediment that floods carry with them.
    I think it’s a safe bet that the end result will be no ponds, just an empty field that can easily be scraped clean.

  • I don’t know where else to post this, but is Swamplot not going to even mention the closing of the OTHER bar next to 2520 Robinhood, and its possible replacement with a spite high rise? Am I the only one left that remembers the old days of Swamplot?

  • Is it “whining” to critique and ugly image? I have an opinion I expressed it. Are you whining in complaining against my valid opinion? Who is the whiner here? Think about it.

  • I like the picture. The fact the you are too short sighted to see the juxtaposition of the leering townhome over the top of the 100 yr old “shack” with its window unit and low dollar screwin burglar bars. What a neat house it must have been for someone when it was new and bright. The last of the formerly ubiquitous chain link fences in Houston which made neighborhoods with small houses on 5k sq foot lots seem expansive and open but now are a mess of urban claustrophobia with cars lining the meager areas on both sides of the street where there isn’t a driveway and towering 3-4 story townhomes obscuring anything outside of the immediate vicinity. Even the dichotomy of the early 90’s ford bronco peaking around the corner of the house waiting eagerly to get 8 miles per gallon and the Prius idling by it’s sweet fuel efficient self across the street is stark. It’s a fantastic picture that speaks volumes for those that would take the time to see.

  • Re: Urban Edge: Transit in 2045? No more local fixed-route buses, no more light rail, and if there exists any sort of commuter rail then it won’t resemble anything that’s in operation today because it will have to be both better and less expensive. METRO will not exist as such or may not exist at all, and instead there will be a regional authority that exists mostly to facilitate, enhance, promote, and subsidize privately-owned ridepooling services.

  • Actually I like the shack….looks like it has a new roof.