Houston’s Retail Boom; Attempting To Revive a Super Neighborhood


Photo of Spire Houston: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: UT Data Center – this is why, for all of UH’s advances, they will remain Cougar High unless they break out of their parochial mindset and work for the best interest of the city, rather than take whatever approach they think will get them to their pie-in-the-sky PUF dreams.

  • Re: Opinion: Plans for Proposed UT Houston Data Science Center Should Be Reconsidered

    Bah! Like UT is the only one who can build a data center in Houston …. actually it could be built anywhere by anyone with access of sufficient money. It was obviously an ill-conceived grab at a market they wrote off years ago as second rate and now see their elitist mistake. Perhaps if the UT Regents actually shared the cash cow Permanent University Fund with UofH I would welcome them, but as of now …stay the hell out.

  • More vagueness, but it’s hard to tell since the article is behind a pay wall. Why something as nebulous as a ‘data science center’ needs 300 acres is beyond me. McRaven is just blowing smoke up our pokes, or maybe it’s a way of pumping up the value of his real-estate flyer.

  • Re: Grocery wars

    Kroger is spending $500 million to revamp their Houston stores? That’s a lot of money! They could expand their beer offerings at my local Kroger in order to receive more business from me..

  • No one cares what Wallethub thinks/prints.